Each driver that is interested in working with one of our coaches will have to follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Drivers will need to have video footage of a session that they are interested in having worked on. 

Step 2: Drivers will then go to the Schedule Now! tab and choose the appropriate coach.

Step 3: After choosing the best date and coach, you will finish by paying for the coaching session. 

Step 4: Go to and download the program. Following the download you need to create a user account, and add your selected coach as a contact.

Step 5: Fast forward to the day of your coaching session, you will be contacted by the chosen coach to confirm the session. 

Step 6: You and your personal coach will then join on a Skype call, where the coach will be able to watch your on board video and critique on the spot! 

Step 7: Following the coaching session you will then go to Elite Drivers Academy facebook and post about how great the session was and how you can't wait for the next one.