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Founded by Louie Pagano, the 2015 (SKUSA) SuperNationals and Fikse Wheels Pro Tour champion, multi-time Rotax MAX Challenge race winner and Team USA member, Elite Drivers Academy has been born. 
"The Elite Drivers Academy is something that I have had on my mind and been trying to put together for almost a year," explained Pagano. "Karting has been good to me and I want to help the next stars of our sport. I have been fortunate to race with some of the best teams, engine builders and tuners in the sport, and I would like to be a mentor for all up-and-coming drivers. I looked up to several in the sport and I feel this is a way that I can help grow the karting family."
Our online driver training will focus on kart racing basics and techniques including drive line, braking points, kart control, proper passing, race craft, as well as driver fitness and nutrition.
Focused on improving the skill set by any driver, Pagano also hopes that drivers, families and teams will take advantage of this program to help prepare competitors for upcoming events.
"I am confident that with the coaching in place, we will greatly reduce the learn time of any competitor at the current track, thus providing more testing opportunities on race weekends," explained Pagano. "After drivers complete Elite Drivers Academy online training, I feel that they will be ready to compete at any race they choose."

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